Sierra de La Higuera

Sierra de la Higuera, is an interior architecture studio based in Madrid. Founded in 2017 by Inés Sierra, Mercedes Sierra and Javier de la Higuera, it is distinguished by its meticulous and creative approach to interior design. For this project in the Conde Duque area, priority has been given to the combination and composition of the colors of the tiles that make up the entire house, with the aim of generating unique and lively spaces, combining these elements with the elegance of hardwood and the timelessness of classic and traditional ceramics, thus providing a sense of sobriety and distinction.

¿Cómo surgió la inspiración para emplear el mismo tipo de azulejo tanto en la terraza como en el salón?

At CASAHARI, we work with the commitment and ambition to create unique pieces that add character to your space. To do this, we are guided by curiosity and are inspired by architectural references and fashion. art and history of design. We collaborate with the best artisans in Italy, Spain and Portugal. Beyond functionality, we seek to make our designs stand out for their iconicity, quality and style. turning each piece of furniture into a collector's piece. Our commitment to sustainability drives each of our decisions and we strive to be more responsible with the environment every day. Creating pieces that last a lifetime.

What do you consider to be the most significant challenge during the execution of the project and how did you resolve it?

The challenge in this project was to find a material that would provide us with all the needs we had. It had to have a variety of colors, it had to work on both floors and walls, it had to be resistant to breakage and the passage of time, it had to be maintenance-free and it would work both indoors and outdoors. In addition, we needed a material that could be placed in different formats to give dynamism to the project and space. We could say that the innovation has been achieving a project with such a contemporary aesthetic with such a traditional material.

List 3 locations in the world that continually inspire you

We are continually inspired by traveling, also with books where we like to see the meticulousness with which work is done, the level of detail is incredible.