Casahari offers iconic furniture that brings character and distinction to the space, giving
great importance to both the creative process and the production process. We collaborate
with local craftsmen and small companies in Spain, Italy and Portugal.

"At Casahari we seek to go a step beyond the decorative, trying to create a dialogue that
conveys an idea and a concept, thus fusing functionality, aesthetics and meaning in each
piece of furniture we create".

The process of buying Casahari furniture is done through the website or by placing an order
through our email

The production process of Casahari furniture is carried out in European countries such as
Italy, Portugal and Spain, by small artisans and producers selected for their meticulousness
with the materials and their commitment to the project.

Casahari furniture can be customised, as long as the additional production costs are

The materials used in the manufacture of Casahari furniture are meticulously selected by our
team and then supervised by our craftsmen, who ensure that the chosen material brings the
maximum durability and quality to the final product.

Casahari furniture is normally delivered assembled. In cases of shipments that require the
separation of its pieces, these are very easy to join and do not require screwing anything.

Casahari products are guaranteed for up to 30 days for damage or breakage during
shipping. However, if these damages occur during the use of the furniture in a space,
Casahari is not responsible for repairs, as it is the responsibility of the user to use it properly.

The tables, being lacquered with a delicate sheen, require rigorous maintenance and care.
Therefore, you should avoid placing sharp or pointed objects that may cause scratches or
damage to the product.

Casahari offers a meticulous delivery and assembly service, whose mission is to guarantee
the proper arrival of the product at its destination and its subsequent assembly".

If the piece is already produced, the estimated delivery time is between 7 and 14 working
days. In case the piece has been ordered, the delivery time is 1 to 2 months."

Casahari takes care of the return of the product in case it has suffered any damage during
shipment, as long as it is notified within 30 days from the date of delivery.

At the moment, Casahari does not offer to send samples of materials because it would mean
a financial and management loss for our manufacturers. However, Casahari offers a
personalized customer service at where all kinds of doubts and
queries about the product are dealt with.

Casahari has a creative and 3D team specialized in the conception, advice and design of
interior design and decoration projects.

Casahari is committed to sustainability not only in the manufacturing process, where we
make small runs to ensure minimal environmental impact, but we also promote pre-ordering
to avoid overproduction. In addition, our products are manufactured in EU factories that meet
ethical and sustainable requirements. Casahari is currently looking for a more
environmentally friendly shipping solution that does not compromise product protection
during transport.

Casahari offers a 10% discount on the first purchase to all new customers who subscribe to
our newsletter..

The Casahari team is at your disposal for any doubts or questions at

What distinguishes Casahari from other furniture brands is our unique vision, philosophy and
design. Our founders come from the worlds of art, architecture and fashion, intertwining their
knowledge and ensuring that the final product reflects this creative fusion.

Casahari works to order and, for the moment, does not have an exclusive physical store. However, Casahari products can be seen in various exhibitions, spaces and events announced through our communication channels.

Casahari's creative and 3D team accepts requests for custom furniture or personalized projects at